How to overcome incorrect voice navigation
  • I have posted this question on the OSM Help forum, too, because I am clueless concerning the notification or correction of voice-guidance errors. If I might give an example: Navigating north-west, the voice instructed me to turn left at the roundabout. I knew I must proceed straight ahead and the highlighted route displayed that. The same mis-instruction occurred on my return journey, informing me to turn right. How is such an error addressed?
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  • please provide departure and destination
  • tomas
    Departure = Reading
    Destination = Oxford
    Uncomplicated route
  • The following solution to my question has been posted on OSM Help forum: 'There was an error in the tagging of Shillingford Roundabout: it was mapped as a circular oneway street. I have added junction=roundabout and directions should change to use terms like "take the 2nd exit" (but this will take a while for online routers).'

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