Google map directions v Mapfactor
  • I am trying to match mapfactor nav directions to google directions. Usually google provides a couple of route suggestions, fastest time or shorter distance.
    Google's shortest distance is an "easy route" ( less motorway and less single track roads) and I would like mapfactor to match it.

    I have tried numerous profile combinations with various road restrictions but so far I havent managed to even get close to the google route.

    Any suggestions of the best configuration would be appreciated.
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  • may be you could provide departure and destination?
  • I provided the same destination and use my current position as the departure.

    I took your suggestion and provided the departure location - same result unfortunately.

  • I have the feeling that sometimes Mapfactor is "afraid" to take left turns at intersections, Maybe it "thinks" they are not allowed.. I have experienced this in Italy. Stavrich lives in the UK and maybe he experiences this regarding right turns.. Just an idea..

  • I think this is the problem with road category, Tertiary roads has a low priority like residential roads. My issue with routing through Bulgaria, is because the app does not want to calculate in any way a route through Tertiary roads !

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