• Is it possible to edit the camera files? I've come across a couple of cameras that no longer exist & wondered if it was possible to remove them.

    Navigator for Android on Moto G running Kit Kat 4.4.4

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  • no, it is not possible, but you can import your own and use both
  • Yes, digger is very useful. You can import your own speedcamera file but also customize icons on screen. I assign speedlimit number to each group of camera, doing so I have a clear speedlimit value for the approaching camera. Moreover I always have speed limits on screen even though there's no data for that road in openstreetmap, and so no icon in mapfactor.


  • Funny, I work in Via dell'Imbrecciato, only a few hundred meters from Viale Isacco Newton... it's a small world ;)

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