Serbian translation of MapFactor for Android
  • Hey!
    Is there anyone trying to translate MapFactor Android application (OSM version) to Serbian language?
    I would like to help by translating the app in my free time.
    How can I start?
    It would be helpful if I could get English and Croatian translation files.


    I can see that searching for streets doesn't work if I don't use specific Serbian letters which don't exist in English.
    It should work like this (these should be equivalent search terms):
    đ  - dj - ђ
    ž  - z - ж
    lj  - lj - љ
    nj - nj - њ
    ć  - c - ћ
    č  - c - ч
    dž - dz - џ
    š  - s - ш
    This would make searching for streets a lot easier if English keyboard is used.

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