Import kml or gpx files in Navigator (Free)?
  • Hi

    I created waypoints and routes with Google Maps and I would like to add them to the Navigator Maps.
    I thought that gpx files would be supported better and I converted the KML file to GPX Garmin format) file.
    I am wondering if I can load the waypoints and routes into the Navigator's map system in the current format, or in a further transformed formats, or if it is even possible at all.

    At the first glance I could not see a straight forward way of doing it. I am using the Android Navigator Free


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  • Hi Bogdan,
    you can copy GPX files to folder navigator/gpx

  • Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for the information. I managed to figure that  out from other posts. However, I don' t know  how to backtrack . The problem is that I am looking at a track made in Google Maps for Europe and I am in currently in Canada. The only options I can see in Tools is Record/Replay/Manage GPS files. The only sensible options there are Replay and Show on Map. I am wondering how to use this gpx file when I will be in Europe so that I follow the track I have created. I tried to do Replay and show on map and none seem to do what I need.  


  • at this moment you cannot navigate from GPX
    you would need to set a series of waypoints on that route
  • Thanks Tomas.  I hope that backtracking is on the ToDo list. I consider this an important feature.

    I have waypoints and tracks made in Google Maps. I could look on the map as I navigate. However, navigation following a track or route would be a very useful feature to have. 

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