Importing POIs as My Places or ?
  • Hi all,

    I have just started to try Navigator and it is looking very good.

    I would like to add my lists of POIs and generally manage the many I have been collecting for my trip across South America.

    They are all in csv format, but I can convert them into anything if there is already a tool.

    Otherwise, I see that the file is just xml, so I will create my own converter tool. But I hate to re-invent what already exists.

    I have just downloaded the Windows version, so when I leave this cafe and have more time, I will do more exploring.

    But any advice is welcome.

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  • Thanks, I am downloading it now and will check it out when I get back to the camper.


  • Well, so far not so good. My csv file reports as all data is banned. Banned? OK. That's a useful message.

    So I used a gpx file and it imported my 140 paragliding sites where I will be travelling. Imported to Navigator and it shows up in the Imports tab. But no points in it when I open it. Hmmm.

    All I really want is to create custom favourites.xml for my Android.

    As I can't find any documentation for DiggerQT to explain what it is looking for, or sample files, or even a readme.txt in the zip. I think I will write my own. It will be faster.

    Looks like a very flat xml file with lat/lon in milliseconds, if my eyes don't deceive me. I will add that to my own POI management tool. Probably take 10 minutes. Then I will be able to extract out of all my POIs the ones within a fixed radius of where I am, or plan to be, which is what I like to see when I am driving along the road.

    I will make a few different favourites.xml to copy to the device on different days. Seems much easier than fighting with the general purpose tool.

    Perhaps there is a need to be filled here.


  • Did you get anywhere with importing as "My Places"?    I was able to use Digger to import as POI's. I agree that it's a bit of a cryptic tool - it took many searches in the forums here before I could get through the wizard at create the MCA file.
  • Mike, yes it only took a few minutes to create a favourites file of My Places. Much less time than it would have taken to figure out Digger, I think.

    Now I make different files for different days and just swap them on my Android Nexus 7 as I need them. Also lets me extract the POIs I have added to My Places into my own POI system on my laptop.
  • Do I have to download navigator to pc and use debugger, before I can export to mobile device?

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