Can I Install MapFactor on my OEM FACTORY NAVIGATION SYSTEM????
  • Hey whats up... i live in dominican republic where cars doesnt come with my countrys map.. so... looking cars on a local car webpage here Fe/292762.html , i found that this 2013 hyundai santafe DOES HAVE MAP FACTOR on the navigation system!!!

    So.. the cuestion is??? can i do this???? i have a 2006 acura tl with navi... 

    I think it could be possible because i saw another car (350z) with garmin installed.. it is just a software problem... i know a little bit about computer so i think i could do that but the thing is i dont know where or how to START......
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  • hi rick1989
    it depends on operating system in your devicem we support windows and android
  • Hi Tomas

    the fact is that i think my OEM Navigation System does support windows files because on my cd files i have .bin files .png files etc.. the thing is i dont how this guy did that... and i really need that on my car.. so.. any ideas guys??

    Look at this photo.....

    Hyundai Santafe 2013... most of navigation system are the same.. only the look is different but i have the cd the box at the trunk etc....
  • first you download setup utilities
    and then you install CE version on your SD card and then maps
  • could you tell me where can i find the "CE" version after i download the setup utility?
  • install application/install pocket navigator//windows ce device
  • Hi guys, I'm just checking up this put, any one of you could change the North America Map to  the Dominican Republic Map?

  • "...change the North America Map to  the Dominican Republic Map ..." What is this "change"? Did you download the Dominikan Republic OSM map (via mapmanager)? If or when you did, just search a place in the map and there you are.

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