Bug navigation on "Bundesstrassen" (motorways) in Germany
  • Hello,

    I have the most recent version of Mapfactor Free (and the most recent Germany maps) on my Samsung Galaxy Ace (Android 2.3). 

    During my holidays in Canada everything worked perfectly well. But, in Germany, the program is almost unusable, because it is not able to navigate on so called "Bundesstrassen" (motorways), the second most important class of roads here. The problem is that it is not possible to enter or exit Bundesstrassen with one or more lanes per direction. This yields to long extra kilometers. 

    One example is the B1 motorway in Hildesheim (Germany). Coming from the west, it is not possible to exit (or even enter) this motorway. Other examples can be found in Berlin, Hameln, Dusseldorf, etc.

    Please, have a look into this. 

    Thanks and best regards
    Christian Mittendorf

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  • Hi Christian
    I cannot replicate this, it could be due to your vehicle configuration - please try default vehicle and let me know
  • Hi,

    vehicle configuration??? I have no special vehicle configuration. Everything is default.

    How did you try to replicate this? 

    It is easy: Just enter (simulate) a route from Hildesheim (Alfelder Strasse) to lets say to Burgstemmen or Hameln and you can see that the it is not possible to enter the B1 motorway in Hildesheim. 

    I can post a screenshot but I don't have a http-Server available to upload the image.

    So, I don't know how you replicate this, but the fact is, that I had the problem just 2 days ago. And, therefore, the navi is not usable in Germany.


  • I cannot see any problem - starting at Alfelder Strasse I joined Schutzenallee

  • Of course, the Schutzenallee is NOT a problem!!! The Schutzenallee IS the B1!!! There is NOT a problem. The problem is to enter/exit the B1.

    As I said: Alfelder Strasse to Burgstemmen.

    OK, you think I 'm stupid, not beeing able to to enter a route. The fact is, that it is not possible to enter the B1 motorway (the same is in Berlin). If I could upload a screenshot, I could show a picture. But this forum is only able to upload a picture via a http server. I have NONE.


  • sorry, I do not understand - you wrote:
    One example is the B1 motorway in Hildesheim (Germany). Coming from the
    west, it is not possible to exit (or even enter) this motorway

    mow you say that you can enter B1?

    you can email screenshot to support (at) mapfactor.com
  • No problem here with Xperia Active and ICS. Routing for a.m. example follows Schützenwiese in Hildesheim and enters B 1 then. Exit later to L 460 on the route to Hameln.

    I dont have these specific difficulties with other Bundesstrassen (i.e. B 174 near Zschopau, B 49 near Gießen, B 42 near Neuwied etc. etc.) either.

    What tomas meant earlier was "Aktives Autoprofil" in "Route bearbeiten". "aktives Profil" could be set to bycicle or even pedestrian.

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