Maps of New Caledonia
  • Hello,
    Above all, your android application is very good.
    But there is a problem on the OSM map of New Caledonia, the only highway (savexpress) the country is cut! (see screenshot)
    This highway is not cut on OpenStreetMap :


    As a result, the proposed routes are very long ... : \
    Thank you
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  • Hi kgoo,
    thanks for report. At first sight it looks like problem with boundary description. We use relation 2177258. The problem is probably related to line "Relation Nouvelle-Calédonie (1628087) as land_area" - the process maybe cuts out the bridges :(. Moreover the boundary is not valid now, so some older backup was used (for November data), but I have seen the problem also in older data.

  • Hi kgoo,
    it should be fixed now (and recomputed data are available on Early Maps Access). I still do not like original relation 2177258 - it contains mentioned "land_area" relation (1628087), two nodes, and Relation Récifs de Bellone (3225953) without "role" description ... so I am not sure if even on OSM side it is correct.
  • Hi Martin,
    It's perfect! :)
    Thank you very much

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