Tomtom maps licence
  • Hi,

    what is
    the license for the Tomtom maps for Mapfactor Navigator on Android? What do I
    get if I buy them? The map obviously, but for how long? What about updates (is
    this included in the price)? Is the license valid for only one device, or can I
    use them in several devices with the google account? Can I transfer the maps to a
    new phone?

     Thank you


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  • Hi pavel,
    TomTom map licence has no expiry and is for one user only. Updates are chargeable, approx half of the full price.
    You can transfer licence to a new device, but you need to inform us first.

  • So, unlike everything else I have that runs on Android: I can't use these on my tablet or my phone, as the mood or needs strike?

    Not a big loss, as I've found the OSM maps to be far superior to the TomTom maps.  At least for use with MapFactor Navigator, except for street addresses, which I can resolve with Google Maps, anyway.  But it's kind of annoying.


  • How much do the TomTom maps cost, are they worth it, is the display any better?
  • is it for Android or Windows?
    Program is the same, only maps are different.
  • I use Android OS, thanks.
  • OK, go to Map manager/Buy maps and prices will be displayed.
  • Thanks 'Tomas' I needed courage to click 'Download' then I got the prices, UK only 15€ truck version 40€.
    Thanks for your help.

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